Education System in Mayanmar - An Overview

The Ministry of Education in Myanmar is competent authority to provide Education in the country. The professional / technical institutions and universities from lower Myanmar and Upper Myanmar are administered by the Department of Higher Education. Myanmar has a maximum of Government Schools though, in recent years Private Schools have also started to establish in the country and shifted focus on English Education. Whereas, in general English is taught as a second language right from Kindergarten. Moreover, the Government of Myanmar has made Elementary Schooling compulsory for all Burmese natives. 

According to a report published by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations) in 2005, the literacy rate in Myanmar was 89.7%. The male literacy was 93.7% and female literacy was 86.2%. And the Government spent only about 1.2% on education.

Primary education is compulsory in Myanmar. It lasts five years. In major cities and towns often children attend pre schools before they move to formal schooling system. At the age of 5/6 years children get enrolled in primary education schools. After five years of primary schooling, students are accepted into secondary school if they pass a comprehensive examination of basic subjects. The Myanmar Education System runs along the following structure -
  • Primary - 1 to 4 standards
  • Lower Secondary - 5 to 8 standards
  • Upper Secondary - 9 to 10 standards
  • University Education (Regional College) - 1 to 2 years
  • University Education (Degree Oriented) - 3 to 4 years
  • Master's or M.B.B.S. etc. - 5 to 6 years
  • Ph.D. / Research - 6 to 9 years
At the end of standard 10, students take the University Entrance Examination, commonly referred to as the matriculation exam in English. The Myanmar Board of Examinations conducts the University Entrance Examination in mid-March annually. For more details see Universities and Institutes of Higher Education in Myanmar.
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